Left slams Manmohan remarks


New Delhi: Launching a scathing attack on the government for “loot” of public money through the 2-G spectrum allocation and other scams, the Left parties on February 16, took Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to task for equating the loss with subsidizing food grains to the poor.

“On two vital issues confronting the nation and the people, that is corruption and price rise, the Prime Minister has virtually thrown up his hand saying nothing much can be done. This is very unfortunate,” CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury told reporters here.

“This is something that is completely unacceptable. Subsidizing the poor is one aspect but subsidizing the rich and saying that it is necessary, is just naked loot of the country,” he said.

Noting that  Dr. Singh had said he was ready to appear before any Parliamentary panel even though the UPA was against a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the 2G spectrum scam,  Yechury said, “If you are ready to appear before JPC or any committee then why did you allow the entire winter session to be washed out.”

He said  Dr. Singh “virtually tried to justify” the spectrum scam by “comparing” it with the subsidies being given on food grains, fertilizer and kerosene oil.

In the same vein, CPI national secretary D. Raja said  Singh had sought to “explain” the 2G scam by asking if subsidies on food grains could be called a loss.

Besides,  Singh did not properly explain the steps to check price rise.

On the Opposition-UPA stand-off in Parliament, he said  Dr. Singh blamed the Opposition for disrupting the entire winter session. “What was the government’s role? He says government was making honest efforts. What has he done so far?” he posed.

Yechury also dismissed Dr.   Singh’s assertion that action would be taken within 90 days against people involved in Commonwealth Games scam, saying, “we have heard these things many times before.”

His party colleague Brinda Karat said: “It is absolutely shocking that the Prime Minister holds a press conference. The country expects him to come out absolutely clearly and strongly that what happened with 2G scam was wrong and that he regrets the wrong-doing.”

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