Kerala minister tells women to cut off private parts of men if they tried to rape them

ALAPPUZHA: PWD Minister G. Sudhakaran on June 13 asked the women in the state to cut off the private parts of men if they tried to rape them.
The minister was speaking at the loan fest organized by Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation at Alappuzha Town Hall on June 13.
“Women are also supporting ‘fake swamis’ in the state. Nowadays women are not interested in providing good food and care for their children. Instead their attention has turned towards fake swamis in the state and they are providing them milk and banana inviting tragedies to their family life. This should change,” the minister said.
He also said, “media was blocking the development works of the state government in the state by leveling baseless allegations against the government.
He said that even if we repaired all the damaged roads, the media will find faults there. So, I feel that media is not allowing us to execute any development projects in the state,” the minister said.

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