Kashmir needs political solution: PM


New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on August 10 said his government was ready for dialogue to solve the problems in Kashmir and bring out a political solution “that addresses the alienation and emotional needs of the people” of the state.

Addressing an all-party delegation from Jammu and Kashmir at the Panchvati conference centre adjoining his residence here, Manmohan Singh said the dialogue to solve the Kashmir issue should be held within a democratic framework.

“I recognize that the key to the problem is a political solution that addresses the alienation and emotional needs of the people. This can only be achieved through a sustained internal and external dialogue. We are ready for this. We are willing to discuss all issues within the bounds of our democratic processes and framework,” he said.

Dr. Manmohan Singh appealed to the youth in Kashmir to maintain calm, saying the political process “can gather momentum and yield results only if there is a prolonged peace.”

“I believe that the vast majority of the people want a peaceful resolution of all issues. Let us recognize that repeated agitations whether violent or otherwise only obstruct this process.”

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