Indians buying more cars, pushing up gas prices: Obama


Washington, DC: US President Barack Obama is asking auto-loving Americans to use public transportation more as the fact that Indians and Chinese are buying more cars will push up oil prices.

“Because one of the things, obviously, that we have to recognize is that, no matter what we do, oil prices are going to be going up over the long term,” he said on May 13 at a rally in Buffalo, New York.

The new grouse about Indians pushing up gas prices comes after his much publicized rhetoric in May last year when he announced that US companies that outsource jobs from “Buffalo to Bangalore” will lose their tax incentives.

“You’re not always clear what’s going on, but the long-term trend is just because countries like China – they’re starting to buy cars and countries like India are starting to buy cars, and so the demand on petroleum and fossil fuels is going to be greater and greater,” Obama said.

“We’ve got to get a first-class transit system,” he told auto-loving Americans, who have 950 cars per 1,000 people as against 8.5 car per 1,000 Indians.

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