Indian women consume 14% less protein than men: Report


New Delhi: Indian women consume 14 percent less protein compared to men, while overall fat consumption of women has increased over the last year, says a report.
As per a report by mobile health and fitness app HealthifyMe, the consumption of fruits by Indian women have declined 30 percent since last year.
β€œThis reduced intake of fibre because of the lowered fruit consumption puts them at a higher risk of diabetes,” the report said.
On the positive side, women have started walking and running 30 percent more this year compared to last year β€” 18,000 steps per week compared to 14,000 last year. They are burning 30 percent more calories per week than last year, it added.
The data has been sourced from 2 million women users spread across over 220 cities in India and their 100 million food logs and 25 million workout logs.

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