Indian students’ cars torched in Australia


Sydney: A group of international students, mostly Indians, in the Australian city of Adelaide are living in constant fear after a gang fire-bombed three of their cars on July 13.

It is the latest incident in a series of continuing attacks that have damaged 12 cars in three months. The students, who live in a block of 13 South Australian Student Housing Association units in Green-acres, say the fire-bomb attack has left them worried.

Adelaide Now quoted Yasif Multani, 28, as saying that a group of up to 15 local teenagers were believed to be responsible for the string of attacks. Two vehicles owned by Multani were torched in the early hours of July 13.

He said the attacks had led to more than 12 cars being damaged in the past three months, mails being stolen from letter boxes, racist graffiti being painted and garbage bins being emptied on the streets.

Car windscreens have also been smashed in the complex and one night a couch on a veranda was set ablaze.

“These people know when we are here and when we are working. They watch us. They know everything we do. They know which cars are ours and they have not damaged the cars of non-international students parked in this area.

Superintendent Barry Lewis, officer in charge of the Holden Hill Local Service Area, said: “This is very concerning.”

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