Indian democracy is based upon corruption


By Anirudh Dhanda
Via e-mail

A clean legislature today appears as much a utopian thought as Gandhian anarchy is. But why single out only the visibly corrupt, the oft-derided class of the politicians? I am not politician myself and am not attempting to defend them either. But what about the total lack of values in public life shown by the bureaucrats, the police officers, the politicians and all those holding offices of power and their nexus?

There is no single institution which is not immersed in the quagmire of corruption – be it an office of profit or of social service. When has there not been news of misuse, sale and pilferage of relief material collected for those hit by a natural calamity? And today the mention of the word ‘corruption,’ the talk of people in public offices asking for money just to do the job assigned to them, corrupt judiciary, which should always be seen as protector of public conscience, hardly raises an eyebrow to indicate astonishment.

The suitcase full of currency notes to make a bribe of a crore of rupees is a banality. Do you really see any ray of hope that any politician in power will ever see beyond the realm of votes and vote banks? At least I am not that naïve. And when I talk about it in public, my friends call me a cynic!

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