Indian-Americans welcome continuing H-1B visa extension


Washington: Indian-Americans on January 10 welcomed the Trump Administration’s decision of not blocking extensions to H-1B visas, saying the “devastating” move would have caused “unprecedented” brain drain and hurt American businesses.
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services had on Tuesday said it was not considering any proposal that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the country.
The announcement came days after reports emerged that the Trump administration was considering tightening H-1B visa rules that could lead to deportation of 7,50,000 Indians.
Suhag Shukla, Hindu American Foundation (HAF) executive director and Legal Counsel, said, “The results would’ve been devastating. Devastating to these law-abiding, taxpaying workers and their families who have made America their home. Devastating for America by causing an unprecedented brain-drain of skilled workers and potential entrepreneurs.”
He said soon after US President Donald Trump began raking up the H-1B visa issue, the HAF lobbied and asked members of the Congress to ensure they voiced their concern with the administration.
“We’re grateful for the swift response by Representatives Tulsi Gabbard and Kevin Yoder in expressing to the administration the detrimental impact the proposed changes would have on the American economy and credibility, US-India relations, and families of skilled workers,” Shukla said.
“It is a welcome relief for hundreds of thousands in our community,” he said. PTI