India contributing a large chunk of FIH revenue


New Delhi : India may no longer be a hockey power, but it is the largest revenue grosser for world hockey.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) Thursday said countries like India and the Netherlands which contribute a major chunk of FIH revenues would be allocated top tournaments.

“India’s contribution in revenue is over 50 per cent more than second-placed the Netherlands,” Steven Morris, the marketing manager of the world body, said in a presentation here Wednesday.

“In countries like Pakistan, Spain, China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore and the Middle East, it is difficult to sell hockey on television.”

“The FIH strategy is to allocate top events to top countries which get us higher revenues,” Morris added.

He said the television viewership of the the Feb 28 India-Pakistan match was as high as that seen in the India-Sri Lanka One-Day International cricket games last year.

Morris said India is a crucial partner in the world body’s efforts to lift the profile of hockey.

“It is a challenge to administrators how to market hockey in India. Commercially, India is a huge market for hockey and the World Cup is a big success. India will have to be an integral part of any future FIH plans,” he said.

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