‘India, China should shun competitive approach’


Beijing: India and China should show “maturity” in managing their differences, including the boundary dispute, and avoid viewing each other as competitors, External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna said on April 6, arguing that strong India-China ties would have global consequences.
Presenting an upbeat picture of India-China ties,  Krishna said the bilateral issues are “under total control” and the two countries have evolved a mechanism to find a solution to issues like boundary demarcation.
“We have to accept that there will be outstanding issues between the two countries even as our relationship forges ahead. This is in the very nature of global politics and we should not get discouraged as a result,” he said in his address at a function here.
He said as rising powers, India and China are often projected to have a “competitive relationship,” but it depends on the two neighbors to craft out their own course.
“In the final analysis, we all are what we want to be. It is up to us to disprove such scenarios, not through platitudes and wishful thinking, but by concrete examples of cooperation,” he said.
On his maiden visit to China,  Krishna said the effective cooperation forged by the two countries on climate negotiations in Copen-hagen should be extended to other global issues, including fighting terrorism.
“India and China must not just cooperate; they must be seen to be doing so by the rest of the world,” he said pointing out that their cooperation at Copenhagen had decisively sent out a message to the world that “here are two developing economies that are coming together for the purpose of making the world a better place.”

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