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New Year’s Eve activities with a youth group

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For the youth groups New Year’s Eve is a time to rejoice in several ways. The revelers can gain experience from the past New Year’s Eve and plan for the present one. Like-mined  play their cherished “games.” If a group has been actively running a project — say, a food drive, a book drive or a bake sale — New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to culminate it.

Welcoming the New Year with your youth group can be both fun and fulfilling. Reminisce about the past year with the people with whom you found comfort and support as you look forward to another year with them. Take this time to thank each other and promise more love and cheer for one another in the coming year. New Year’s Eve celebrations need not be wild and crazy; together ness is the only thing you need, and fun will follow.

Reflect on the Year

Reflecting on the year is a good way to bring together youth group members. Share stories of your life in the passing year. Talk about the significant, the good and even the bad moments that happened in the year coming to a close. A reflection night is best held outdoors, preferably with a bonfire and barbecued food. Form one big group encircling the bonfire and take turns sharing stories. If some youth group members aren’t comfortable sharing with a big group, subdivide them into little groups for quieter discussions. Apart from openly talking about your experiences, you can also share and reflect through writing. Have your members write down their stories, fold them and put them in a container to mix with everyone else’s. You can randomly pick one, read it aloud and have the group react. The writer of the story can choose to sign his name or remain anonymous. This works well for really shy people who        otherwise wouldn’t want to participate.

Culminate a Major Project

If your youth group has been actively running a project — say, a food drive, a book drive or a bake sale — New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to culminate it. Gather all participants at one huge party to evaluate how your project turned out. Surprise everyone and give an award or prize to the most active participant — someone, who baked/sold the most cookies, collected the most books/canned goods, etc., and give tokens to the rest of the participants. This will show great appreciation to everyone who joined and give the message that you value all efforts. Culminating a major project will encourage your youth group to hold more benefit-raising activities that will certainly be of help to the community. Also, a culmination night happening on New Year’s Eve is an innovative way to close the year and welcome the coming 12 fruitful months.

New Year’s Eve in New York

What isn’t happening in the Big Apple on New Year’s Eve? Head for Times Square, natch, to watch the big ball drop! The Roseland Ballroom for dancing the night away on West 52nd, or dressing to impress at Amnesia in Chelsea; also in Times Square, see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings with Allen Toussaint at the Best Buy Theater or cruise usually cool room Touch pre-or post-ball drop. Hotel Gansvoort in the meatpacking district is still hip, and look into LQ for la dolce vita. New York “New Year’s Eve” celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.

New Year’s Eve in

Las Vegas

It’s taken a year of planning, and — thanks to vocals from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and ZZ Top — this year’s “America’s Party” on New Year’s Eve will be an all-time spectacular with more than 56,400 pyrotechnic effects making it one of the biggest fireworks displays in the country. City and Clark County officials are estimating that 315,000 visitors will be here to watch the sky over the Strip light up at midnight.

New Year’s Eve in London

The big event for New Year’s Eve is the free fireworks display at the London Eye on the South Bank. The display will start after Big Ben chimes midnight and will last for 10 minutes. Its popularity means it gets very crowded and will be limited to 250,000 people in the viewing areas. The best spots to watch the fireworks are from Westminster Bridge and the north embankment of the Thames River, opposite the London Eye, but they will be visible from across central London, as well as being broadcast live on BBC1. Ministry of Sound London nightclub attracts over 5,000 people on New Year’s Eve and has three dance floors and three bars. It has remained popular due to the legendary DJs, such as Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold.

New Year’s Eve celebration

in Mumbai

This year almost all top Bollywood heroines have rejected offers to make an appearance at New Year celebrations being held at different hotels. The top rate was offered to actor Katrina Kaif — Rs. 2 crore for just a half-an-hour appearance on stage, which included only a 15-minute performance. Even model-turned-actor Poonam Pandey is flooded with offers  to perform at New Year’s Eve parties in Mumbai. Corporate sponsors as well as celebrities have approached the leggy lass to gyrate to hip-shaking numbers as the clock strikes 12 on December 31 but she refused all offers.

Istanbul on New Year’s Eve

Every year as the clock nears midnight on December 31, the eyes of the world turn once more to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Istanbul Bosphorus between Europe & Asia continents. Celebrating New Year in Istanbul is a great idea. Turkey’s metropolitan is bustling all year round, but definitely goes the extra mile to welcome the New Year.

Every venue wants to outdo the other to make the transition from old to new as unique and special as possible. Therefore, listing what every bar, restaurant or hotel has up their sleeve is simply impossible.   At precisely midnight, the city will be illuminated by fireworks.

Scotland’s Hogmanay New Year’s Eve Party

Go porcine wild in downtown Edinburgh, Scotland, on New Year’s Eve with the party to end all parties: Hogmanay, a four-day New Years celebration with major music, fireworks, carnivals and, of course, Dogmanay. The word “Hogmanay” may literally mean “great love day” in old Scandinavian, or “man is born” in French — in Scotland, it means, “It’s New Year’s — let’s party!”

New Year’s Eve Party in Berlin

On New Year’s Eve, Berlin throws the biggest open-air party in the world. With more than a million people welcoming the New Year at the Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s signature landmark, the Berlin party even tops the New Year festivities of New York and London. So shake off the old year and celebrate Silvester German style under the stars, with music, dancing, and spectacular fireworks. You can celebrate all night long - the Berlin New Year’s Eve Party lasts until the wee hours of the next morning.

New Year’s Eve in Rome

Rome’s traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations are centered in Piazza del Popolo. Huge crowds celebrate with rock and classical music and dancing and, of course, fireworks. The celebrations last well into the night. On New Year’s day (while the adults are sleeping), children will be entertained in the square by performers and acrobats. Rimini, on the Adriatic coast, is one of Italy’s most popular nightlife spots. Besides celebrations in numerous nightclubs and bars, Rimini holds a huge New Year’s Eve festival in Piazzale Fellinistarting at 9:00. There’s music, dancing, and entertainment and a spectacular fireworks display. The Rimini New Year’s Eve festival is usually televised in Italy.

New Year’s Eve in Sydney

Sydney New Year’s Eve is an annual multi-tiered event held over Sydney Harbour, centering on the Harbour Bridge. The 2011 - 2012 Sydney New Year’s Eve Theme is “time to dream,” the reasons given as “Australia was built upon dreams. From the dreamings of past millennia to the dreams of recent settlers. Whether day or night-time, dreams are our minds in free-flow, uninhibited and reflecting what we truly aspire to. From little babies to old people, we all dream. New Year’s Eve is when fantasy and aspirations flow. A vision for the coming year, with designs on a better life. The moonstruck and lovestruck may dream of fulfillment. The stargazers dream of the “worlds beyond ours.” Then at midnight, the world famous midnight fireworks begin. Synchronized to a soundtrack,the fireworks explode off the arches, catwalk and roadway of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the city buildings and all seven Barges.

New Year’s Eve in Paris

If your primary New Year’s goal is to dance the  night away, there are scores of Paris clubs you can hit for the occasion. Moulin Rogue night club is a classic, albeit extremely pricey, way to celebrate the New Year in Paris. At 620 Euros (approx. $860) per person, the evening includes a caviar, lobster, and cham-  pagne dinner, dancing and music with the Moulin Rouge