If found guilty, shot-putter Manpreet Kaur to lose Asian Championship Gold: NADA

New Delhi: After India’s leading shot-putter Manpreet Kaur was tested positive for doping, National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) Director General Navin Agarwal has confirmed that the athlete would lose her gold medal which she won at the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar if her confirmatory urine sample ‘B’ test also returns positive.
The national record holder, who appeared for a dope Test conducted by the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) during the Federation Cup in Patiala on June 1, has been tested positive for a banned stimulant DMBA dimethylbutylamine.
As per the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), Kaur has not been put under provisional suspension.
Reflecting on the same, Naveen said that the NADA has not suspended Manpreeet because the substance found in her body is not of the nature which would directly benefit a shot putter.
He, however, said that Manpreet could face a ban of four years if found guilty.
“Yes, one athlete has failed the dope test. The sample was taken on June 1 during the Federation Cup. We have not suspended her. She has been found positive with the prohibited substance which is a stimulant and that comes in the prescribed list,” Navin told ANI.
“We have provisionally not suspended her because the substance is not of the nature which would directly benefit a shot-putter. So, the hearing will take place and the panel will decide whether she is guilty or not. If she is guilty, she will forfeit any medal in the Asian Championship. If she is not guilty, she can continue to play. She could be banned for four year as well,” he added.
When quizzed as to what is the reason behind the continuous increase in doping cases, the NADA DG highlighted that it was because of players’ tendency to win the medal by hook or crook that they are taking drugs.
“The incentive to do well also has tremendously increased. The rewards for winning have jumped up. Because of all these things there is simultaneously is a tendency to win by all means in some athletes. This at times may lead to doping. I will say that one even if doesn’t dope consciously, but factors in the ecosystem lead to an inadvertent doping by athletes like consuming a substance which one doesn’t know like the supplements which people take and some of them may contain a prohibited substance due to which an athlete may land in the doping net,” he said.
Manpreet has to give a written statement to NADA and if the disciplinary panel is not satisfied then hearings will start.
With the latest development, there arises question mark on her appearance at next month’s World Championships to be held in London for which she had qualified after winning gold at the Asian Athletics Championships.
Kaur’s brilliant throw of 18.28m on the opening day of the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships at the Kalinga Stadium won her gold medal.

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