If Cong. does not mend its ways, it will be wiped out in next elections


By Dr. Hilda Raja

Via e-mail

The 2G scam is something, which makes every Indian put down his or her head in shame but not the Congress Party leaders. The party comprises  persons who are least bothered of what happens to India, to its poor and its citizens — only power for themselves is their concern and sole goal. The Prime Minister knows not just 2Gs but 3 Gs. Let us concentrate on the 2Gs — Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The former proclaimed that the Congress Party stands for truth. It is laughable. Is she really serious or just ridiculous? She has to script new terms for words — for example her renunciation meant more power which is not what renunciation stands for and is known for. But by “renunciation,” the coterie around her ranked her with saints and sants. In actual practice what did it mean? She assumed the role of an extra constitutional Prime Minister. Now she talks of the Congress Party standing for the truth. And what is truth when she has filled the ranks with corrupt men and women. In every constitutional post,  she filled with her handpicked corrupt persons.

Yes,  this would include Manmohan Singh too. Corruption is simply not soiling one’s hands with currency or taking kickbacks directly, but in abetting corruption in failing to uphold one’s constitutional role and thereby betraying the people in silence and in inaction, while the public exchequer is looted, in failing to throw out a Cabinet Minister when he bypassed instructions et al. Are these not different facets of corruption? And Manmohan Singh is guilty of these and more. He cannot get away by citing coalition dharma — this is coalition adharma, which he personally and vigorously pursued. He cannot abdicate his constitutional obligation by claiming to be out of the loop as he once did. If he was helpless and his hands tied, his mouth shut, then he should have put in his papers if he is the man of integrity and impeccable that people parrot. He is worse than A. Raja because he was above him and he had a co-responsibility of the whole Cabinet. It was he who appointed A. Raja after very well knowing what he would be up to. Hence he stands first indicted.

Sona Gandhi is the puppeteer, who holds the stings and makes others dance accordingly to her pulls — yet she had the gumption to state that the Congress Party stands for truth. Does she stand for truth? If so how and why did Quottrocchi flee with his loot — the Indian plunder? This can never be forgiven and does not speak of her truthfulness.

Both she and Rahul Gandhi canvassed in Bihar with untruths and that’s why people rejected them totally. Could there be a greater fall to lower levels. The Congress Party touched the bottom line with just four seats. Imagine a national party, which speaks of truthfulness, which appoints the President and the Prime Minister, getting just four seats out of the 243 seats it contested. No political party has ever had such a shameful rejection by the people. Rahul’s  poor India and rich India and his claims that he belongs to the poor India was totally a sham. Not once did he condemn corruption — not once did he inform the people what he was aiming at. He was faulting Nitish,  who the whole world has credited with for pulling Bihar out of the morass that the Congress Party’s ally Lalu pushed it to.

Rahul Gandhi, at his age of 40 years, is no longer a “youth.”  On the other hand, he just throws insinuations and blatant untruths when he called Narendra Modi a Maoist. Would the people of Gujarat forgive him for such abuses heaped on their elected leader?  What if the people called him and his mother propagandists of fascists? He has yet to learn to give respect and get respect and not throw his weight around on the basis of his being the dynasty.

The Congress Party needs overhauling.  The leadership should have a soul-search. With so many scams and corruption charges, the party and its leaders should feel ashamed.  A real leader with a clean image must emerge and take over the reigns of the Congress Party. Are there no clean leaders in the Congress Party other than Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? If  the Congress Party wants to still remain in power it has to change its ways. If the Congress Party does not learn lessons, it is sure to get wiped out in the next elections.  The wave already started with Bihar.

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