Hindu woman has observed rozas for 34 years

Ahmedabad: Pooriben Leuwa, 85, a Hindu who has been observing rozas during Ramzan for the past 34 years, says that she and her Muslim friends “share a faith called love”. She began fasting during the holy month after making a vow to a saint in Ahmedabad’s Jamalpur area, Bala Pir Bawa. After her husband’s death, she and her daughters moved some 2.5km from their old Tajpur Mominwad neighbourhood in Jamalpur. But her roza tradition carries on unbroken.
She said her family had been involved in a property dispute with her brother-in-law in 1982. “I had vowed at the Bala Pir Bawa dargah that if I win the legal battle I would observe rozas,” she said. “We won the civil case in a year and I kept my vow.”

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