Hillary raises nuclear liability issue with Krishna


New York, NY: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on September 27 raised India’s civil nuclear liability issue with External Affairs Minister  S.M. Krishna at a meeting to do the groundwork for President Barack Obama’s visit to India in November.

“The issue was raised with Minister Krishna, and he explained the processes that the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill had gone through,” Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao, who was present at the 30-minute meeting, told journalists.

The bill, which was passed recently by Parliament and which is critical to the full implementation of the India-US civil nuclear deal, has been troubling several American industrialists as it makes equipment suppliers liable in the event of a nuclear accident.

“And the fact that we were ready to engage with US companies on the questions they had raised to be able to clear their doubts and clarify the issues they wanted to discuss with us,” Nirupama Rao said.

Krishna also conveyed its concerns to the US on issues like H1B visa fee hike, export control restrictions and outsourcing ban during a meeting.

“Our concerns have been raised and we have spoken our views about the risks inherent in protectionist trends that often detract from the positive impulses of cooperation in trade and economic interaction between he two countries,” Nirupama Rao, who was also present during meeting, told reporters here.

Hillary Clinton and  Krishna met at Waldorf Astoria on the sidelines of the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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