Give us space near Parliament to protest: Shaheen Bagh women

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) It has been around two months since the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens started at Shaheen Bagh that attracted eyeballs from across the world. The protest entered its 59th day on Tuesday, and a hearing in this regard is scheduled on February 17 in the Supreme Court.
But the question is, would these women end their protest as other people living in the locality are facing problems due to the demonstration. The protest is causing traffic congestion and traffic jams during peak hours.
However, the 59th day was quite different for these women. A place where there was a chorus going on since the last 58 days witnessed “silence” on Tuesday. The protesting women observed a vow of silence.
“We will leave this place only when this ‘black law’ is revoked, no matter what happens to us. If the government is that concerned then it should give us space near Parliament. We will protest there and will also be safe there,” said Heena Ahmed, a protester.
She added: “How were Jamia students beaten up yesterday? How did the government and administration show such inhumanity?”
It (government) should not be worried about our food, we’ll arrange it any how, she added.
Another protester Fatima also refused to leave Shaheen Bagh till the government met their demand.
“We won’t go anywhere and will continue our protest here only. Any single person’s decision won’t affect us, all the women sitting here will collectively take any decision,” she said.
This is a collective protest, we are sitting here since a long time and will not weaken easily, Fatima added.

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