Fix Bihar plan size at Rs. 24,000 cr: Nitish


Patna: Demanding fixation of the 2011-12 plan size for Bihar at Rs. 24,000 crore, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on February 14 said a dispute had cropped up due to differences in estimates on income from the taxes to be imposed by the state.

“Our stand on the issue of fixation of plan size at Rs. 24,000 crore for 2011 is justified. I think Planning Com-mission will approve the plan size,” Kumar told reporters on the sidelines to his weekly Janata Darbar.

Member of Planning Com-mission Narendra Jadhav during a meeting with him had indicated the Commis-sion’s approach, he said. Stating that differences in estimates on income from taxes to be imposed in Bihar had raised the “dispute.” Kumar said, “We have pegged the plan size at Rs. 24,000 crore for the next fiscal. This is after evaluating the income from imposition of taxes in conformity with the 13th Finance Commission recommendations. There is some shortfall in the calculation by the Center on this count.”

Kumar, who would be leaving for New Delhi on February 16, said he would try to meet Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to seek an annual provision of Rs. 4,000 crore as special help for Bihar in the Five Year Plan. “I expect that the Center will now adopt a positive attitude towards Bihar and will give a go ahead to the state’s plan size,” he said adding it was like a “litmus test” for the UPA government.

After Jharkhand was carved out, it was planned to provide Bihar a special assistance of Rs. 1000 crore per annum from 2002 for the execution of Central schemes. The state government had later concurred to hand over the execution works of those schemes to the Central agencies.

“There are many schemes, which are at the final stages of completion. To complete by end of the current financial year, the state would require a sum of Rs. 3100 crore from the Centrer. Unfortunately we are getting indications that the Center is backing out and is considering afresh to give Rs. 1500 crore to the state which will be unjust and breach of promise,” Kumar said.

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