Ethnic Indian wins in Malaysia


Kuasla Kubu Baru (Malaysia): An ethnic Indian on April 25 won a prestigious parliamentary by-election, giving a boost to the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) that claims to speak for the 1.7 million communities.

MIC’s information chief and a public relations consultant P. Kamalanathan re-took the Hulu Selangor seat the party — a constituent of the ruling alliance Barisan Nasional (BN) — had lost by a narrow margin of 198 votes in 2008.

Kamalanathan won by a margin of 1,725 votes, getting 24,997 votes to the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat candidate Zaid Ibrahim’s 23,272, The Star newspaper said.

Indians form 7 percent, followed by ethnic Chinese in Malaysia’s 28 million population.

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