Double standards in punishing political crimes


By Surendra Kelwala, MD
Via e-mail

I am surprised to read a news item  with headline — Rahul’s description of RSS a ‘political crime’: BJP — published in India Tribune issue dated October 16.

It is amazing how Indians are their worst enemies.  Rahul Gandhi’s calling RSS as equivalent to SIMI, a terrorist organization, is either height of his ignorance or height of his treacherous hypocrisy towards the nation in order to please the vote banks.

RSS is an organization that saved millions of lives during and after the Partition, and of Hindus and Muslims alike, because of its emphasis upon strongly protecting oneself, instead of singing the useless mantra of non-violence, when subjected to undeserved aggression.  RSS has brought the  highest spirit of patriotism to India’s people without ever indulging in any terrorism. In contrast, SIMI was a one-track organization committed only to destroy India through terrorism.  It is shameful how Rahul Gandhi, for petty political gain, equates the two and is allowed to get away scot-free. In contrast, Uma Bharati of BJP was charged with the non-bailable offense for hoisting tricolor on Republic Day on Idgah maidan in Hubli. It was not that she was flying the saffron flag or promoting Hinduism at the expense of Islam. She was simply flying the national flag on Republic Day to make the point that patriotism should be integral to every inch of India. 

It is amazing how Indians honor and elect those, who will not hesitate to sell them down the river for political ambitions.

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