Do not encourage illegal immigration


By Bharti Desai
Atlanta, GA:
According to a recently published report of the US Department of Homeland Security, the number of illegal immigrants from India has shot up by 64 percent in 2009. In other words,  the Indians accounted for the third highest increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the US in the past10 years. Thus, the illegal Indians living in the USA have exceeded 200,000.

In Atlanta alone there are more than 15,000 illegal immigrants, many of them are over the age of 55. There must be a lot of illegal Indians in other major cities as well.

There are three senior citizens’ organizations in Atlanta area, which provide free community services, free lunches and free entertainments to these seniors, even though these seniors are well-to-do people, because their children are professionals and are well-settled.

I have heard that some seniors even get government doles such as food stamps, welfare and SSI benefits even though they have not worked in this country and were sponsored by their own children. Thus, they have become burden on the American economy.

I strongly suggest that we should not support illegal Indians, since we owe it to our adopted country, which has given us good life, good jobs and better living. Instead of being selfish, look out for the greater good of the country, which we have made our homeland.

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