Democracy has turned to Goondacracy in West Bengal : Modi

Taki/Diamond Harbour (WB), May 15 (PTI) A day after the violence during Amit Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a broadside against Mamata Banerjee Wednesday saying that democracy has turned to “goondacracy” in West Bengal.
Banerjee, he alleged, had created a state of Emergency in the state and said her government is out to destroy everything in the state.
Only people’s conviction and courage will evict her “torturous rule”, he told election rallies at Taki on the Indo-Bangla border in North 24 Parganas district and at Diamond Harbour in South 24 Parganas district ahead of the last phase of polls.
The days of the “bua-bhatija” government in the state are numbered going by the mood of the people and help BJP win the majority of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state, Modi said.
The prime minister was referring to Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, who is considered the number two in TMC and is seeking re-election from Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha seat.
“Everybody has the feeling that elections in the state are being held after Emergency. You (Banerjee) have created a state of emergency in the state. Your fight is against the people of West Bengal, not BJP”.
People will have to decide whether democracy needs to be protected in West Bengal. “Democracy has turned into goondacracy in West Bengal. But goondacracy will not work any more. TMC goons have made life hell for the people of the state,” he said.
The people of West Bengal have shown respect to Banerjee by making her the chief minister of the state. “But her hunger for power has throttled democracy in the state.
Didi should not be kept in power”, Modi said.
The entire nation had seen (on TV) how the roadshow of BJP president Amit Shah was attacked by the TMC goons and is anxiously watching the outcome of the poll results in West Bengal, he said.
Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata was attacked Tuesday after Banerjee had asserted that TMC will take revenge against BJP, Modi claimed.
“Didi’s (Mamata) goons carrying guns and bombs are bent upon destruction … Her government is out to destroy everything in the state… People’s conviction and courage will evict the torturous rule,” the prime minister said.
“Didi is frightened by the rise of BJP in West Bengal …. In 2019, Didi will be finished. The kind of violence which she is commiting will help BJP get win the majority of the 42 parliamentary seats in the state and help it cross the 300 mark in the Lok Sabha polls”, Modi said.
The people of Bengal have made up their mind to end Banerjee’s “despotic rule” he claimed and added that once BJP comes to power infiltrators will be identified and refugees will be given protection and made citizens, he said.
The BJP manifesto has promised the introduction of the National Register of Citizens across the country.
Keeping up his attack on Banerjee, Modi said “You have looted peoples’ money in chit fund scams and when they sought explanations you abused them”.
He also held her responsible for destroying the state’s culture of ‘Bhadra Lok’.
Modi said that Bengal is the land of the seer Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and Netaji. “People will not tolerate Didi anymore. The people have made up their mind and now is the time to get rid of her….The youth are facing a challenge. Revolt is being noticed among the people”.
He alleged that BJP leaders are not allowed to hold rallies and its candidates are being attacked.
Stating that the TMC supremo does not have faith in the country’s prime minister, Modi said “She has difficulties believing in surgical strikes or air strikes. She relies more on the prime minister of Pakistan. Is this democracy ?”
In a scathing attack on Abhishek Banerjee, Modi said he will lose the elections this time and once the results are announced his office would be locked.
He criticized Banerjee also for sending BJP youth wing activist Priyanka Sharma to jail for morphing a picture of her on Facebook.
“What happened to you Didi? I heard you are also a painter and your paintings were bought for crores (a reference to her paintings being bought by Saradha group chief Sudipta Sen). I request you to draw one nasty picture of me and come to my residence to gift it. I will preserve it in my lifetime,” he added.

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