Couple in Surat marries in just 16 minutes!

Surat: Proverb in Hindi ‘Chatt Mangni , Patt Biyaah’ actually happened at Surat on February 13, when a Patidar couple got married in most simple manner and that too in just 16 minutes. A bhajan and aarti was recited after which marriage was termed as completed. Interestingly, guests had brought tiffin as no buffet was organized by the couple!

Umesh Patel and Rushita Patel got married in perhaps smallest wedding ceremony at Saurashtra Patel Samaj ni Wadi in Varachha area of Surat. There was no music decoration, jewelry, dance and other rituals that generally marriage witnesses. Couple sat in-front of Sant Rampal Maharaj, where a bhajan and aarti was recited and marriage was termed completed.

“We wanted to educate people to shun unwanted expenses incurred in marriage and so decided to get married simply. No arrangements, which otherwise marriages witnesses, were made in the wedding. There was no arrangement for buffet or refreshments and guests had brought tiffin with them,” said Umesh Patel, who works as a manager in a diamond polishing unit.

Rushita Patel, who is a doctor, also echoed her husband and said that she was totally against expenses made in the marriage. They wanted to show people that marriage is bonding between two families and it can be done in a simple manner.

“We also wanted to spread message on other vices related to marriage like dowry and gifting expensive items to groom’s family members. We hope that our marriage will set an example for others,” added Rushita.

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