Countries where ‘Made in India’ products are valued the most

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi-government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ project launched in 2014, has, so far, received mixed responses. While few doubt the government’s intent behind pushing the manufacturing sector’s agenda, experts have raised concerns on the implementation of the project.
A data set by — a statistics, market research and business intelligence portal– shows that products manufactured under the ‘Make in India’ initiative are particularly valued in the middle-east. Respondents from United Arab Emirates(UAE), Bahrain and Saudi Arabia top the chart in opining that products made in India are ‘slightly or very positive.’
38 per cent of Chinese and a quarter of respondents from the US and UK also believe the same.
The ranking displays the results of the worldwide Made-In-Country Index 2017, a survey conducted to show how positively products “made in…” are perceived in various countries all over the world. 43,034 respondents answered the question “On a lot of products you can find a label stating where the product was made. How do you feel about products labeled with…?” on a 5-level scale. The sample represents 90 per cent of the global population, according to Statista.
“Never was the volume of international goods transport higher than during this decade. Today, the meaning of the “made in” label is more important than ever,” the research firm said.
In the Economic Survey for the financial year 2017-18 released earlier this year, the government earmarked 10 sectors, including capital goods, auto, defense, pharma and renewable energy to push growth in manufacturing and generate job opportunities.
The other sectors are biotechnology, chemicals, electronic system design and manufacturing, leather, textiles, food processing, gems & jewelry, construction, shipping and railways.
Christening the initiative as ‘Make in India 2.0’, government identified these sectors as the ones which have potential to become global champions and drive double-digit growth in manufacturing.

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