Corruption, population, poverty are biggest problems of India


By Rajesh Gandhi
Decatur, GA:
I take an issue with R.K. Jenny who wrote a piece “India Shining?” published in April 24 issue of India Tribune.

After reading the whole article I came to a conclusion that if India at all is shining, the luster will be short-lived. “All that glitters is not gold” proverb applies to India’s so-called economic leap.

There was another news item that says India is Number One in a survey conducted by Price-Waterhouse-Coopers about global mobility. In that survey 93 percent of Indian workers are ready to work abroad against global average of just 50 percent.

Yet, in another news item I read a week ago, inward remittance of funds by Indian workers living abroad was $27.5 billion during the six-month period of April-September in 2009, according to RBI and most of these funds are deposited in banks in major cities.

In summary, when we put all three stories together, we can solve the puzzle and find that India is advancing at a snail pace, if at all advancing. While it takes one step forward, it also takes three steps backward due to population explosion, corruption and poverty.

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