Cool Plug-In Table Can Light Rooms And Charge Gadgets

Here’s an interesting tidbit from technology-fused furniture design. Sung-Pil Hwang has built the aptly-named “Plug-In Table,” which is simultaneously a shelf, a lamp, and charging station. The table seems to balance itself with support from its primary plug in the wall. The table could probably benefit from a secondary support system, given that it seems to balance perilously on the edge of one shelf. Potential future updates to the design could support a more modular design, whereby the shelves are configurable or rotatable to some degree.

Sung-Pil Hwang is clearly on to something with this design, which is still in the concept stages at this point. We’re a fan of the built-in light, which could shed just enough illumination to be practical as a corner lamp or a bedside reading light. Also, the table would free up wire clutter, familiar to gadget heads as a tedious dilemma, especially in close quarters. For a cleverly configured loft or efficiency space, however, this table could be just the thing.

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