Brit surgeon spends around Rs 40 lakh to help acid attack victims

London: There are very few people who go out of their way to help people in need because most often they always want something in return. A British surgeon however is giving many Pakistanis a new lease to life by rebuilding their faces after they suffered from acid attacks.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, Karachi-born Dr. Asim Shahmalak from Cheadle in UK decided to treat the patients after he heard their sad stories and is already currently treating six victims by treating them himself. The stories of the acid victims range from failed marriage proposals to children who don’t want to live with victim of acid attacks. The 56-year-old is a former NHS surgeon who has previously worked with celebrities but has now decided to help people who can’t afford their surgeries.
Interestingly, Dr. Asim will also train other physicians and doctors and people in Karachi to help other victims of acid attacks. He also hopes to change many lives as that would be the only way he believes he could do good to society.

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