Boy with ‘two faces’ defies odds to become only survivor of rare condition

Missouri: The medical field is constantly surprised by the patients they treat on a daily basis but sometimes they have to give up hope and be realistic about the chances of survival. A US boy has surprised all the doctors that treated him by surviving a rare facial condition to become the only one in the world to do so.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, Missouri teen Tres Johnson has successfully complete another year of his life after being diagnosed with craniofacial duplication at the time of birth. The 13-year-old is the only known case to survive the condition among 36 other cases recorded in the world. He was initially given a zero chance of survival by the doctors who treated him for his condition which duplicates all parts of the face on the head.
Interestingly, he has undergone multiple operations to reshape his skull and correct the cleft lip but it is cannabis oil that has helped him reduce the number of seizures from 400 to literally just 40, which is a big improvement. While his parents Brandy and Joshua have heard a lot from strangers, they have kept their hopes up and taken one day at a time with him and it has proved to work successfully for him.

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