Bosnian boy with no hands and deformed foot becomes swimming champion

Germany: Many people give up on their dreams because of their disabilities but there are some who step up and take any opportunity they get to have a better life. A boy from Bosnia has beaten all the odds to emerge a champion at swimming and now there is no turning back for him.
According to a report in the Metro, Ismail Zulfic has a deformed foot and is without arms but swimming has made him also conquer his fear of water to make him a professional at swimming. The six-year-old boy was enrolled by his parents to an academy that trains people with disabilities and he has come a lot way from there. While his parents cannot afford to drive the boy to the class, the coach and owner Amel Kapo has borne the cost so that the boy can learn swimming.
Ismail’s hard work and determination has won him the gold medal at the regional competition and he now hopes to compete in the para-swimming competition at the world level in Germany later this year. He has also got the attention of a charity in New York called Swim Strong Foundation that will help him train for it and we can only hope that he rightfully wins the competition with a gold medal in his hand.

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