Baba Ramdev brings a breath of fresh air to polluted politics


By Subrata Mazumder
Aiken, SC:  My attention was drawn to the article in India Tribune  issue dated March 27 about Baba Ramdev launching yet one more political party in India. Launching a political party in India is not a new phenomenon; it is as common as eating dal and roti everyday. Nevertheless blogs, newspapers and other political leaders are bustling with opinions in one form or another. So what is the connotation of this hubbub or upshot? Is it Baba’s mission of saving India from corruption and resolve the imbalances in health, education and wealth distribution in the country or is it his indoctrination of compulsory abstinence from fast food and soft drink? Is it the man or the myth?

We, Indians, always look up to someone, who can deliver us from all malice. Everlasting corruption, poverty, violence, tyranny, social inequity and racial tension have dominated the Indian landscape for centuries. Even though the middle class has somewhat pulled themselves out of the benchmark for the time being, the threshold of the poor and oppressed has deteriorated drastically ever since In-dependence. The tumultuous uproar around Ramdev only symbolizes our eternal search for a sage, whom we can venerate with. His tirade against corruption, multinational companies and social injustice complemented by his promise of swiftly transitioning India into an  economic powerhouse and bring back the heritage and national pride of ancient India predictably has touched a chord with his followers and the general public.

Baba Ramdev is not above controversies. His beliefs and philosophies have devotees as well as critics. Indian politics is a peculiar bionetwork that nurses mortals practically from their birth. Outsiders, no matter how admired or illustrious they may be in their particular field, rarely succeed. Having an ambition or a dream is one thing, but execution of that dream is quite another. Whether or not the holy man will be able to test the water by dipping his toe into politics and unshackle India from malevolence as promised remains to be seen. Irrespective of the outcome, it can be said that Baba Ramdev is a breath of fresh air amidst the utterly polluted political ambiance.

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