Arrested Chicago taxi driver says that Osama is ‘healthy’


Chicago: The world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden is “healthy” and “giving orders” to deputies in Al-Qaeda, according to a Pakistani-origin taxi driver arrested by FBI in Chicago on charges of providing funds to the terror outfit.
A 35-page complaint affidavit against Raja Lahrasib Khan, arrested on March 28 for allegedly providing material support to terrorism and funds to Al-Qaeda, gives details of conversations recorded between him and an undercover law enforcement agent about his association with Al-Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri, also the chief of HuJI.
In conversations taped on February 23 between Khan and the undercover agent, the 56-year-old taxi driver claims that Kashmiri, whom he addresses as “Lala” told him that bin Laden is “healthy…perfect”.
“I asked the Lala about him (Osama). And he (Kashmiri) says he’s (Osama) healthy, he’s leading,”  according to the affidavit against Khan submitted in a court in Chicago.
Khan goes on to say that he thought bin Laden was “sick” or shaheed but Kashmiri “says no… he’s perfect, healthy, and he’s leading and he’s giving the orders … he’s OK, he’s in safe hands. That’s what; Lala said to me, you know.”
Later in a conversation around March 17, the undercover agent met Khan and an “Individual B” at a Chicago restaurant.
During this meeting, Khan told the agent that he knew Kashmiri worked for al-Qaeda because he had asked him about “the big Lala. Osama.”
Khan asked Kashmiri if Osama was “alive or is he shaheed.”
“He (Kashmiri) said no, he’s OK. Allahamdullah (praise to God) he’s healthy and…he is commanding everything,” according to the conversation.
Khan also told the undercover agent that though he had never met bin Laden “personally”, he wanted to meet him.
“… Osama bin Laden. I never met… I want (to) meet him … I wanna see him. Before the, even the war start, I was going to Pakistan. But then 9/11 happens, and I didn’t go.”
Khan said bin Laden gives orders to Kashmiri, “then Kashmiri gives the order to ‘mujahideen’… Al-Qaeda and Taliban.”