All humans are created equal; there is no room for dissension


By Udayshanker Kasinadhuni

Via e-mail

I read in a newspaper that a reader writing that Sunnis do not consider Ahmadiyas as true Muslims. In fact Pakistan declared Ahmadiyas as non-Muslims under the military dictatorship of Zia Ul Haq.

The whole field of religion is about two unknowns —  God and Life after Death. The fact is the theist knows as much about God as an atheist or an agnostic, no more and no less. At the most, the religious clergy are merely scholars in their respective scriptures. Most scriptures have to be interpreted by these so-called scholars and sure enough this has led to further divisions and schisms within the same religion leading to intolerance within. God is a matter of individual subjective faith unlike objective sciences and technologies, which are demonstrable phenomena where there is no scope for dissension. God and Life after Death are not demonstrable phenomena and that is why they come under the domain of noumenon or subjective Faith and experience.

Subjective Faith is invariably tainted with Emotionalism and therefore all religions are subject to the ups and downs of human temperament with little scope for objective unemotional approach. Religions get intermingled with the emotional side of humans with suppression of intellectual honesty. God and Life after Death are not reflected upon objectively but perceived in one’s own respective scriptures. Why should these two subjective experiences not be subjected to the same objective unemotional scrutiny of scientific investigation? Why not consider all religions as mere hypotheses or theories instead of as undisputable infallible truths?

Religious intolerance will reign supreme as long as people persist in subjective emotionally tainted interpretation of God and Life after Death. Hinduism led to Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism,  and it is certainly not surprising that there are so many divisions and schisms in all major religions of the world. The very fact that there are so many religions in the world is an indication that we are all blind people when it comes to God and Life after Death. That is why it is so important that secularism or separation of state and religion are essential to uphold universal human rights of equality fraternity and liberty, and individual unconditional freedom.

All humans are created equal and hence mutual respect for each other must not be compromised at any cost.

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