All eyes on Nagaland, Meghalaya after fractured mandate

Guwahati: After making history in Tripura by ending the 25-years of Left rule and garnering an absolute with its partner IPFT, BJP’s applecart has been somewhat upset in Meghalaya and Nagaland. The two Christian-majority states, in which BJP is not the dominant player, have given a fractured mandate.
BJP negotiators, general secretary Ram Madhav and Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma have been rushed to Nagaland and Meghalaya respectively to try and hammer out BJP-constituent coalition governments in both states.
Meghalaya, which has never given any decisive verdict barring its first election in 1972, lived up to its name with the ruling Congress finishing as the single largest party but 10 short of the half way mark of 31. Its rival, National People’s Party (NPP) has finished a close second with 19 seats. BJP, which has hinted a post-poll alliance with NPP, won just two seats.
The Congress and NPP are now expected to woo the smaller parties- UDP (6 seats), PDF (4 seats), NCP (1seats), HSPDP (2 seats), KHNAM (1) and three Independents, who would now play a crucial role in the next government formation.
Nagaland likewise has also delivered a fractured mandate with the ruling NPF finishing as the single largest party with 27 seats and together with its allies NPP (2 seats) and JD(U) (1 seat) is just one short of the simple majority mark of 31.
BJP has won 11 seats and with its agenda of making its footprints in every northeastern states, it is likely to go with its old ally, NPF, to form the government.
NPF secretary Sebastian Zumvu said that BJP leaders are already in touch with its party. “NPF is ready to seat in the government and in opposition too. BJP is talking with us but at the same time it is trying to form an alliance with others to manage a wafer-thin majority, which won’t last long.”

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