Al-Qaeda camps in Pak teach 5-yr-olds to kill


Islamabad: Boys as young as five years can barely hold machine guns and pistols as they aim at targets in a Pakistan desert. But this is no sick game; it is their first step to becoming al-Qaeda terrorists as they are taught military combat and suicide missions.

At hidden camps, terror chiefs also use toys to teach boys how to blow up buildings and mount bomb attacks. One chilling image shows children crowding around a toy police car wired to a bomb. And they cheer as a baby-faced bomber presses a button, which blasted the car to pieces.

Militants are training hundreds of youngsters in the camp in North Waziristan. They are then battle-hardened on missions against coalition troops in Afghani-stan. British commanders say Taliban fighters are increasingly using children like these as suicide bombers. The recruits are being trained by al-Qaeda-linked East Turkistan Islamic Movement, responsible for over 200 terror acts worldwide. Now they are using madrassas to groom a new army of bombers. Video footage passed to on August 29 Mirror shows the children in camouflage uniform, were made to stand in line and given AK-47 rifles.

Terrorism expert Neil Doyle said the video was “a shocking example of the sick tactics al-Qaeda uses.” It appears on a Web site called Revolution Muslim, run in the name of hate preachers with close links to the UK.