5,000 pose nude


Melbourne: Australia’s landmark Sydney Opera House was not the same on March 1, as more than 5000 naked Sydney-siders gathered on its steps to be the subjects of an art installa- tion.
People disrobed for Spencer Tunick’s work called The Base, which is part of  Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival, according to ABC report.
Tunick is famous for shooting images of people massed together sharing one common element — nakedness.
Those taking part included rugby league players, doctors, teachers and a woman pregnant with twins who will be induced later.
Tunick says he was pleased with  turnout, which ecli-psed a similar event in Melbourne nine years ago.
“My biggest challenge was to fill up this  large space  and make a ‘base’ of gay, lesbian and straight individuals to make a fabric,” he said.

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