2G scam needs to be thoroughly probed


By  Lokanath Patel

Via e-mail

It’s a tragedy that India suffered a Rs 1.7-lakh-crore loss in the 2G Spectrum deal, which was handled by A.Raja, in his capacity as Telecom Minister of India whose appointment was questionable to begin with by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, only after the DMK Party pressed hard to give the job to Attorney Raja. But look what happened now.

Ministers should have high ethics, moral standards, and integrity. Instead of leading the country for higher growth with leadership and skills, it seemed that Raja was alleged to have indulged in corrupt practices and now, he is trying to escape from his responsibility by his resignation.

Would he be tried by the executive branch (the President and the Prime Minister), the legislative branch (Parliament — Upper House and Lower House), or the judicial branch (the Supreme Court) of the government of India on the corruption charges? If found guilty, would he go to jail?

I am not blaming anyone in particular, but it is quite possible others may be also involved in the scam. Is this a story like trusting a fox to guard the hen house? Who is the fox? Who are the chickens here? Did Raja’ family, friends, and his party know about this information? Are they involved too?

Just imagine, if a city had 1.76 lakh (176,000) people, who are all crorepaties, and suddenly all monies disappeared. This is the case now. That is the amount the country has  lost in 2G scam was Rs.1.76-lakh-crore and it translates into as follows:

Rs 1.76 X 100,000 X 100 X 100,000 = Rs 1.76 trillion which no country, even the USA, can afford to lose. India is a poor country and more than 70 percent of India’s population are poor. This money could have been put to good use to feed the hungry, to run schools, to build roads, and bridges, etc.

I recommend that a through, accurate, and aggressive investigation be undertaken by all the branches of India.  The Congress Party, the DMK, other political parties, and above all,  the people of India must  find the root cause of this problem. If a house is on fire, the person who set the house on fire is guilty for sure. But, the person who saw the fire and forgot to report the fire is also equally guilty.

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