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IT industry hit by Satyam scam, economic slowdown in 2009

Bangalore, Dec 30 : The buoyant Indian IT industry, which made the world to watch its fast growth, ran into roadblocks in 2009 by the global economic slowdown and Satyam scam that virtually read more →

Jordan to star in next year’s series of ‘The Apprentice’

London, Dec 28 : Former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan is reportedly set for an appearance on next year’s series of ‘The Apprentice’, after meeting with show’ read more →

Acclaimed American author sinks teeth into vampire trilogy

New Delhi, Dec 27 : American writer of suspense Chuck Hogan says he is “drawn to stories of man at his extremes”. He is now busy spooking readers with “The Strain”, a read more →

Bionic Ear with Headphones let you spy on the neighbors

For those of you that enjoy listening to conversations at a safe distance, now you can have a gadget to help you out with that.  You can also watch intently through the built-in monocular. read more →

Microscopic gyroscopes could make mobile phones personal navigation tools

Washington, December 28 : If scientists have their way, then microscopic gyroscopes could soon be a part of mobile phones, doubling them as personal navigation tools. The gyroscope has many read more →

New Materials Designed To Deal With Hypersonic And Supersonic Hot Stuff

Brisbane, Dec 28, 2009: University of Queensland researchers are testing new materials to withstand the extreme heat experienced by hypersonic vehicles in flight so they can fly for substant read more →

Coin Shrinking Money Box

Piggy banks are dime a dozen in terms of design and theme, but the Coin Shrinking Money Box is certainly unique since it boasts some rather magical properties (others would say it is an opti read more →

Spirit Right-Front And Right-Rear Wheels Remain Stalled

Pasadena CA, Dec 25, 2009: Spirit’s drive on Sol 2120 (Dec. 19, 2009) included commands for using all six wheels. However, the right-front wheel rotated less than 2 degrees and the rig read more →

Certified diamonds on rise

Panaji, Dec 24 : Awareness of investing in hall-mark jewellery and certified diamonds is on rise from people who had till recently been with the mindset of buying traditional jewels in shops read more →

Living a “Tweeting” life

There was a time when cellphones were the “supreme” fad. Then came a deluge of social networking sites — Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Twitter was a unique entrant. In India, Twitter read more →

Timepiece – the timeless fashion accessory

By Shahida Khan May it be Cartier, Bvlgari, Rado, Omega or even Gucci, designer watches loaded with style, sophistication and beauty, have made their way to the market in an unprecedented ma read more →

Now, a doctorate on vada pav

Mumbai: Next time you curl up your nose at what some call the burger’s Indian street cousin, think again as the humble vada pav is going places after becoming the subject of a Ph D thesis read more →